Titanfall is never coming to PlayStation 4, but that doesn’t mean Titanfall 2 won’t.

Electronic Arts revealed today that it came to an agreement with Microsoft that makes Titanfall an exclusive to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC for the “life of the title.” That means Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment can’t release the game on PlayStation 4.

If that surprises you, don’t feel bad — it also came as a bit of a surprise to Respawn. The studio’s boss, Vince Zampella, tweeted the following after gamers started questioning him about Titanfall and the PlayStation 4:

What’s noteworthy is that Zampella says EA made the deal.

When contacted for this article, a Respawn spokesperson told GamesBeat that they had no information to provide on the EA deal with Microsoft.

“You’d have to ask EA,” the spokesperson said.

We’ve reached to EA to ask how the Microsoft agreement came together, but it sounds like Respawn wasn’t in on the talks.

If you’re a Sony fan, however, it isn’t all bad news. A gamer asked the developer if Respawn ever plans to work on PlayStation 4 games:

That’s about as much of a confirmation you’re going to get at this point that a second Titanfall is more likely to hit a Sony platform.