The raiding of hell will commence next year.

Polish developer Techland revealed today that it will release its melee-based dungeon-crawler Hellraid for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in 2014. For now, the company is only planning a digital release.

The studio is working on improving the single-player and co-op modes and is also adding new features.

“Since we started developing Hellraid, we have had a clear goal to create a game that we all would love to play,” Hellraid producer Marcin Kruczkiewicz wrote in a blog. “If we released our game this year, we would have to make too many compromises, and the final product probably wouldn’t meet all our promises and player expectations.”

Techland is currently implementing new ideas, but it also found that fans were unhappy with existing parts of the game during playtesting. The studio is looking to improve those aspects.

“For example, we want to redesign the magic system to make it even more powerful and diverse [and] add new ways of casting spells and a set of new, more visually stunning spells,” said Kruczkiewicz.

Hellraid is a story-based hack-n-slash action game. Players can tackle the world alone or with others. In the co-op mode, players compete against each other to see who can kill the most demons.

Techland is best known for its Dead Island zombie-action titles. The studio is also working on next-gen zombie-apocalypse survival game Dying Light, which it will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and current-gen systems. Dying Light is also due out in 2014.

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