If you want your brand to be blasted straight through the eyeballs of your target audience right into their occipital lobe with maximum force, Bing’s new ‘hero’ ads will be right up your alley.

“The new ad format … was shown off at a Bing Ads event at the Microsoft Campus,” Larry Kim of Wordstream says. “Hero Ads provide a bold, strongly-branded, task-completion oriented experience for certain branded searches.”

In other words, if a web surfer searches for your company name, your hard-core messaging can fill his or her screen. Early partners include The Home Depot, RadioShack, and Walt Disney World:

The pilot project is currently limited to U.S. searches executed in Windows 8.1, and there’s no word on whether they’ll make it to the open web, Kim says. You can bet your last dollar that Microsoft will be very carefully analyzing consumer response to the ads before taking it live on Bing.com, but the company is also playing it fairly safe by only using the full ads when a searcher enter’s brand’s name into Bing.

Organic search results will appear on the next page, but in almost all cases — at least for large companies — the company’s home page would have appeared first anyways.

Wordstream, an online advertising company, is pretty excited about the new ad format:

Branded searches have navigational intent – meaning the user is almost always simply trying to navigate to a brand’s website. Companies with strong brands would definitely be interested in providing a better branded experience than a 25-character headline, and the new Hero Ad format delivers user intent, branding and task completion! It’s like a landing page directly in the search results!

And, it would sure be great if your company is experiencing a google bomb attack for a YourCompanySucks.com page.