Social-gaming developer Kixeye is about to make the jump from its familiar stomping grounds on Facebook to the battlefields of iOS.

The studio revealed that it’s launching a version of its popular strategy game Backyard Monsters on Apple’s mobile platform. Backyard Monsters: Unleashed brings the monster battling and yard building to iPhone and iPad for the first time ever.

“We’re excited to bring this massive franchise to a new platform,” Kixeye chief executive Will Harbin said in a statement. “Backyard Monsters is the first and most popular real-time strategy game on Facebook. Over the last couple of years, its design has been emulated widely and successfully on mobile. It’s time to unleash the real deal.”

Backyard Monsters: Unleashed features the same defensive-strategy gameplay as the Facebook version. It has players building up their yard to house their monsters. Gamers need to carefully place defensive towers that can fight off waves of invading wild monsters to protect essential buildings and friendly creatures.

The mobile game also retains the social features of the original. Players can team up with each other by forming Tribes. Together these Tribes can fend off invading forces, unlock special powers, and coordinate attacks.

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