You probably thought that the world had enough endless-runner apps, but you’re wrong. Society is finally getting the endless-running adaptation of a literary classic that it deserves.

Developer No Crusts Interactive has turned Jane Austen’s 1813 novel Pride and Prejudice into an endless-running game. Naturally, the studio titled it  Stride & Prejudice, and it’s available now for iOS for 99 cents. It puts players in command of an 8-bit pixel version of Pride and Prejudice protagonist Elizabeth “Lizzy” Bennet, and it has her run endlessly over the text of the novel. 

That’s right, instead of the traditional platforms of endless runners, Lizzy must hop from one Jane Austen passage to another.

Of course, we all remember when Austen wrote: “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading … and endless-running gameplay mechanics simultaneously.”

Austen was something of a multitasker.

Stride & Prejudice features two modes. The Marathon challenges players to see how far they can get from the beginning before Lizzy falls. In Reader mode, players can pick up from where they left off. You can control the scrolling speed and the color scheme to make reading as comfortable as possible.

Hey, if you’ve never read Austen’s beloved story of marriage and manners in 19th-century England, maybe Stride & Prejudice is a good place to start.

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