Call it “reverse trick-or-treating.”

WunWun, the NYC on-demand delivery startup, is getting in the Halloween spirit today with free candy deliveries.

Simply type “Candy!” into WunWun’s app when choosing a store delivery, and one of the company’s helpers (garbed in NSA gear) will show up with a bag full of miniature candies. The offer lasts until 4 p.m. today, and it only covers WunWun’s Manhattan delivery area.

Like Uber’s promotional on-demand delivery offers, which includes things like ice cream and most recently kittens, WunWun’s candy deliveries could help to spread the word about the usefulness of its service. It’s also a free way for someone to test WunWun without worrying about potential delivery fees.

Typically, WunWun offers free on-demand delivery for items from NYC stores and premium delivery for restaurants that don’t typically offer delivery service.