It’s November. This is it. It’s the month that Sony and Microsoft finally release their next-gen gaming consoles. While the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will change a few things about gaming, one thing will remain the same: downloadable-content season passes for triple-A games.

Developer Crytek and Microsoft revealed today that it will release four add-on packs in the months following up the debut of action-combat game Ryse: Son of Rome, which launches for $60 alongside the Xbox One on Nov. 22. These expansion packs will give gamers more multiplayer maps, modes, and more.

The season pass will get you access to all of that content for $20, which is ” a more than 25 percent discount” over buying the packs individually, according to Microsoft. For those that buy into the season pass, they will get access to the following DLC:

  • 14 multiplayer maps
  • A new multiplayer mode
  • Six extra player skins
  • New level events
  • Access to an expanded tier of weapons and armor
  • A season-pass exclusive sword and shield with bonus attributes for multiplayer

Ryse is a character-action game starring a Roman Legionnaire. It features real-time combat mixed up with cinematic sequences that use on-screen prompts. Crytek, the developer responsible for the Crysis franchise, is developing the game. Microsoft is publishing the title exclusively for Xbox One.

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