For our first-ever developer conference next week, we’ve pulled out all the stops to get the best lineup possible.

To get 25% off tickets, use the discount code ‘VB-VIP‘ at checkout!

And instead of sticking them in boring old fireside chats, we’re putting ’em on the spot with a live version of a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread.

Our first Live AMA participant are David Heinemeier Hansson, better known in the community as DHH, creator of Ruby on Rails. He’s a bracing, sometimes polarizing character (personally, I think he’s aces) with intellect to spare and strong opinions.

Our second Live AMA speaker is Rasmus Lerdorf, the guy who came up with PHP. He, too, is aces.

The format is simple: It’s a rapid-fire Q&A that’s open to any topic. You can ask what toothpaste they use, what they really think of Drama-Magnet Hacker X, how to solve the problem you’re having with your app. Anything.

As for the speakers, they can choose to pick or pass on any question they like. We might also give them “eject button” powers to boot people who ask truly offensive stuff. I can’t imagine what that would be, but the sadist in me likes the idea of a trap door in the imperial audience chamber floor.

Obviously, you’re gonna want to get tickets now so you can ask ’em anything in person. (And do buy your tickets now! We’re quickly running out of seats! Just use the code ‘VP-VIP’ at checkout to get 25% off your ticket.)

Now, if you absolutely, positively can’t make it (or if you want to get a head start), tweet or Facebook at us with the hashtag #LiveAMA. Be sure to tell us which speaker you’re talking about, too. We don’t want to be asking DHH about PHP, LOL!

We can’t wait to see you all next week at DevBeat. We’re so excited we could bust.

Editor’s note: Developers! If you’re good and want to be great, our upcoming DevBeat conference, Nov. 12-13 in San Francisco, is a hands-on event packed with master classes, presentations, Q&As, and hackathons, all aimed at boosting your code skills, security knowledge, hardware hacking, and career development. Register now.