Redeeming a product code on Xbox 360 (and most other consoles) is a pain in the butt. It requires players to find and read a huge string of alphanumeric digits and then enter those letters and numbers one at a time using an on-screen keyboard (or entering them into your account via a website like

Microsoft is doing things a little bit differently with its upcoming Xbox One console.

Xbox spokesperson Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb released a 6-second clip on the video-sharing service Vine that demonstrates how quickly players can expect to redeem purchases on the next-gen console. In the video, Hyrb holds a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial code up to the Kinect camera and says: “Xbox, use a code.” The console immediately begins looking for it and almost instantaneously recognizes and redeems the 14-day trial.

Check it out by clicking the Vine below:

This fits with Microsoft’s overall philosophy for the Xbox One. The company doesn’t want players to have to wait for content to load or to waste time on things like typing stuff out. A big part of making that happen is the Kinect camera, which enables a lot of these features. That is one of the reason why Microsoft felt it had to include it with every Xbox One.

Xbox One is due out Nov. 22 for $500. That’s a week after Sony’s PlayStation 4 hits on Nov. 15 for $400. The PlayStation 4 supports a camera peripheral as well, but Sony is selling it┬áseparately.


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