Better stretch those triceps and biceps, because Nintendo’s Wii Sports franchise is back and coming to the Wii U.

Nintendo launched two entries in its Wii Sports Club for its Wii U console today. Gamers can hop on the console’s eShop digital-distribution store to download Wii Sports Tennis or Bowling. These are high-definition updates of the original Wii minigames that also include full online modes and support for Nintendo’s enhanced Wii MotionPlus controllers.

You can download both games for free and play for a 24-hour trial period. After that, you can either spend $2 for another 24-hour day pass or $10 for unlimited access.

Nintendo also confirmed that it will launch the baseball, boxing, and golf minigames from Wii Sports on Wii U at a later date.

Wii Sports originally debuted in 2006 as a pack-in for Nintendo’s Wii console. The game was a hit with non-traditional players who could quickly pick up the gesture-based controls that simulated the actual sports. In 2009, Nintendo followed up with a sequel titled Wii Sports Resort. That game used the Wii MotionPlus controller for more precise input and featured minigames like archery and table tennis.

Nintendo has not announced any plans to update Wii Sports Resort into HD for the Wii U.