Updated on Thursday, Nov. 7 at 4:22 AM PT to reflect power plant type (they are gas, not nuclear).

Coresystems has raised $15.5 million for its iPad app that helps with inspections of gas power plants, among other things.

Coresystems powers mobile technology that helps enterprise organizations manage their field operations. It makes important business information available to sales and service reps when they are on site, and helps make operations more efficient.

Functions include resource planning, service data evaluation, checklist distribution, invoicing, and data analytics.

Mobile technology has opened up huge opportunities for companies that have field operations. Employees can access critical information, input data, and communicate with their managers more easily than ever before.

Coresystems is one of many companies building software for this new era. Its main competitors are ServiceMax and Clicksoftware

The Swiss company launched in 2006 and currently has 7 offices around the world, with 100,000 users. Customers span a range of industries and sizes, including global power generation equipment supplier Alstom, global automated storage supplier Kardex Remstar, and construction crane specialists Wolffkran.

This is its first round of funding. Private Swiss investors contributed, along with Peter Zencke, a former board member of SAP. It will be used to improve the product and drive sales efforts. The money will also help Coresystems strengthen its global presence.