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So, you went out and bought the new iPhone 5S because you’re an Apple loyalist or a sucker for all things new and shiny. Whatever your reason, you just supported a company with your purchase — but did you get anything out of the transaction besides a new gadget?

Why not also invest in Apple, or any other company that has products and services that you love, to support yourself for the future?

Every day, people talk about various brands on social media, but they have no idea of the market potential of those brands. Going back to your new iPhone that’s sitting on your desk, you could learn that Apple’s stock (AAPL) is up several hundred percent over the last few years, and if you had invested $500 in 2000, it would be worth several thousand now.

And that’s just all from one product. You’d be surprised what else you can invest in.


Investing is a daunting subject for many, especially those that are new to the game. Thankfully, there are websites available that provide ways for novice investors to get started.

One such site, LikeFolio, enables people to become investors with just one click, and it pulls in investment opportunities based on the users’ social media likes, mentions, and check-ins. Plus, to help users along, the site gives them five free trades and a gift card to a store of choice.

Invest with LikeFolio by visiting their website to see how you can start investing in the brands you love.

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