Next week, our first-ever developer conference is happening in San Francisco, and we’ve got so many special goodies for our developer friends… but for now, let’s focus on these three awesome Master Classes.

A Master Class is, for the purposes of this conference, an hour-long workshop where experienced polyglots get up and hacking with a new language quickly. It’s led by an industry expert with instructional chops, and it leaves you with plenty of “homework” to keep the hacking going strong.

We’ve already mentioned the Node Master Class. But we’ve also got Master Classes in Haskell, Python, and Angular.js, to name but a few. Check out the lineup — it’s quite a piece of work, in the best sense.

Of course, we’ve also got a jam-packed main stage¬†with reps from Google, NASA, etc., as well as our favorite loose-cannon hackers like Stallman and DHH. Again, truly a piece of work, positive connotations.

Now, we’re kinda running out of tickets for the full conference — you seriously need to buy yours now. Not this weekend: Now.

But if it’s just the Master Classes (or the main stage) that you’re interested in, you can pick up a one-day, one-track ticket for $99. (More details here.)

The room is filling up fast as we count down the days to November 12! We hope we see you there.