Disney Interactive, the gaming branch of The Walt Disney Company, has lost one co-president as the other steps up to take full responsibility for the studio.

John Pleasants

Above: Former Disney Interactive co-president John Pleasants.

Image Credit: Disney Interactive

John Pleasants is leaving the position. He was previously the chief executive officer of Playdom, a social game developer that Disney acquired in August 2010. James Pitaro, who was co-president with Pleasants, is now fully in charge in Disney Interactive.

“Following three years of consistent operating improvement at Disney Interactive and a great partnership between John and Jimmy, we are now in a position to fulfill our original objective to consolidate our interactive business under one Los Angeles-based leader,” said Robert A. Iger, the chairperson and chief executive office of The Walt Disney Company, in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “With Jimmy and John’s input, we have created an interactive organization that is best structured to meet the demands of the fast-moving technology industry. I thank John for his many contributions to Disney Interactive including building tentpole products like Disney Infinity and establishing the company as a leading mobile games publisher and appreciate his passion for bringing Disney experiences to guests on new platforms.”

Disney Infinity was a huge product for Disney Interactive. It combines interactive software with physical toys and takes advantage of popular Disney brands like Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s already had a positive effect on the company’s profits.

Pleasants joins a growing group of other former Disney Interactive chiefs, including Steve Wadsworth, who now serves as the chief executive for mobile ad network Tapjoy; and Graham Hopper, who left Disney in 2010.