Updated 12:15 PST.

The free-to-play, third-person shooter Warframe will be a launch title for Sony’s PlayStation 4 on Nov. 15, but you can play it on PC now.

Publisher Bigpoint has helped release Warframe worldwide today. The title is still technically in open beta, but anyone can download the client and play. This story originally stated that Warframe was out of beta with this release from Bigpoint, but the shooter is still technically in the open beta phase.

“We are proud to add Warframe to our online portfolio and believe it has huge potential to become one of our most played games,” said Marcus Behrens, the head of publishing at Bigpoint, in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “Warframe boasts incredibly rich graphics and a spectacular gameplay experience with close-combat mechanics as well as a fantastic co-op mode.”

Free-to-play is nothing new for PC, but similar experiences are still relatively rare on consoles. The PlayStation 4 hopes to take advantage of the lucrative model with free-to-play launch games like Warframe and DC Universe Online.

Bigpoint plans on adding cross-play between the PC and PS4 versions, but that feature won’t launch with the console version.