iRobot isn’t going to stop until you never have to touch one of its devices again.

Its latest Roomba, the 880, is a big step in that direction. While almost identical to its predecessors, the new device is the first to come with AeroForce, iRobot’s new, impressive cleaning system.

AeroForce’s benefits are multifold: For one, the system is five times as powerful as previous Roombas, which iRobot says lets it suck up 50 percent more debris. The other change is arguably more significant: Unlike previous models, the Roomba 880 system is completely brushless, which greatly reduces the chances hair will get entangled inside it.


Above: Here’s how the Roomba 880’s brushless system (right) compares to previous ones (left).

As iRobot product manager Max Makeev told VentureBeat, all of this points to one reality: Roomba 880 owners aren’t going to be maintaining their devices all that much. That idea fits well into why consumers gravitate towards the Roomba in the first place. They want a device that tends to itself with minimal oversight.

“If you think about what tech does, fundamentally it buys you back time. We want to create the devices that do your chores so you don’t have to,” Makeev said. 

Outside of the introduction of AeroForce, the rest of the new Roomba looks a lot like previous ones. Likewise, the device features the same cleaning algorithms and environment detection software. So don’t expect too many new features on the software front this time around.

On the pricing side, the Roomba 880 will run for $700, the same price as the high-end Roomba 790.