I recently tasked the GamesBeat community with writing more reviews, and — wow — you guys really delivered! I decided to collect just some of them below, featuring critiques for recent blockbusters like Grand Theft Auto V, old classics like Chrono Trigger, and more.

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Now, let’s get to the reviews!

Life in the land of the dead: Why Guacamelee is my favorite game of 2013
By Andrew Kuhar

“For a game that mostly takes place in death itself, and for it to be so challenging at times yet still make me feel upbeat all the while — that’s why Guacamelee is my favorite game this year.”

I have been here before – I just know it (an NBA 2K14 review)
By Rory Appleton

“NBA 2K14 is almost a carbon copy of the 2013 version. It is graphically identical (although the next-gen version will no doubt have better graphics … right?). All of the game modes are essentially the same. NBA 2K13 was a great game though, so this isn’t exactly a death sentence.”

Close, but you can still smoke that cigar – Grand Theft Auto V
By Reggie Carolipio

“As shallow as the satire is, the characters still come away with enough personality to make the journey worth taking, and GTAV′s urban sandbox easily demonstrates that Rockstar’s artists and designers are among the masters of their craft.”

Grand Theft Auto V

Above: Grand Theft Auto V is already one of the biggest hits in gaming history.

Image Credit: Rockstar

Chrono Trigger – ‘It’s not THAT good’
By Stephen Hill

“It is a good game, and one that I would happily recommend, but don’t go thinking that there is no room for improvement when there absolutely is. It’s far too easy, everything about it feels far smaller than other RPGs … .”

Champions Online review
By Angela Nevsechirlioglou

“Champions Online could have been a great MMORPG, and the innovative features it offers could have surpassed many free-to-play and subscription-based games of its genre. Still, it misses that opportunity by giving too much weight to elements that should have been simpler, while oversimplifying ideas that could have been looked into more.”