Playnomics specializes in predictive marketing for web and mobile apps, and it just unveiled its newest tool for marketers looking to find the best revenue streams.

The Acquisition Value Predictor (AVP) predicts the lifetime of new costumers — vital information for game developers on the web. During the beta for the new tool, Playnomics discovered that the top 5 percent of app users predicted as the most valuable by the AVP accounted for more than 75 percent of all revenue in a 45-day period.

“Accurately forecasting in-app user behavior is the most valuable insight a marketer can have at their disposal,” said Chethan Ramachandran, chief executive officer of Playnomics, in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “Our AVP tool predicts the lifetime value of installs with over 75 percent accuracy by marketing channel, either paid, referral or organic sources. It’s a huge leap forward in optimizing campaign spend and attribution for user acquisition managers.”

Playnomics has analyzed user behavior over 200 million profiles since its founding in 2009.