The PlayStation 4 also functions as a gameplay DVR. It is always recording up to the last 15 minutes of in-game action. This enables players to quickly select exciting moments and send them to their social networks … or I should say “network” — as in just one.

When the console launches on Friday (for $400), that fancy Share button on the DualShock 4 controller is only capable of sharing those recorded videos with Facebook. YouTube, which has a huge gaming audience, isn’t an available option. Sony said it is working to add more sharing options in the future.

Even though the social sharing won’t have a ton of variety, Sony is trying to make it work well for people that want to share videos with Facebook friends.

“You can send your videos to friends, but on Facebook, you can do custom audiences,” Sony Computer Entertainment product planning manager Toshimasa Aoki. “Normally, every video is public, but you can make a Killzone list or family list and share videos that only they will see.”

Those lists are your Facebook groups, so if you already have a list of gamers, you can share your videos with them starting on day one.

The lack of YouTube support and the limited Twitch functionality (videos that players broadcast over Twitch won’t archive on the site) means that the PS4 is more for sharing clips with friends rather than building a massive audience like some broadcasters enjoy.

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