Sony may have a jollier holiday than rivals Microsoft and Nintendo, according to a new poll.

Intergi Entertainment surveyed over 5,000 gamers, asking them which next-gen consoles they planned on purchasing. Fifty-eight percent plan to buy a PlayStation 4, Sony’s next-gen console that launches this Friday, Nov 15. Thirty-nine percent said they’re getting an Xbox One, Microsoft’s new system that comes out on Nov. 22.

But the Wii U’s number is most shocking. Only 1 percent of those surveyed said they were getting Nintendo’s tablet-based system. The Wii U launched last holiday season and has since had a hard time finding an audience. Competition from two new systems could intensify Nintendo’s problems.

The survey gave us some other interesting information. Open-world zombie game Dead Rising 3 is the most anticipated Xbox One exclusive from those questioned, with 35 percent saying it was their top choice. The first-person shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall tops the list of PlayStation 4 exclusives with 52 percent.

You can check out other results from the survey by looking at Intergi’s massive infographic.