Despite both being Nintendo products, the Wii U console and the portable 3DS have been oddly separated. Both have digital stores, but they use completely different account balances. That means that you can’t use the extra $10 of credit you have registered on your Wii U to buy a 3DS game.

Well, no more! Announced during today’s Nintendo Direct┬ávideo conference, a December system update for the 3DS will finally permit people to share a balance between the two systems by registering their Wii U Nintendo ID to the 3DS. You hear that? It’s the slow, creaky churning of the Nintendo wheel of progress.

The update will also bring Miiverse support to the 3DS. Miiverse is a social network previously only available on the Wii U. It enables players interact with hand-written or drawn notes.

YouTube is also coming to the portable system later this month.