In the immortal words of Rod Steward: Tonight’s the night.

At midnight, Sony unleashes the PlayStation 4. The company’s next-gen console will go on sale for $400 at retailers around the country (it isn’t due out until Nov. 29 in Europe). People are already lining up at GameStops and other retailers to ensure they are among the first to get the new system. If you’re in line or wish you were, be sure to read all of our PlayStation 4 coverage right here.

In the meantime, Sony is also marking the occasion with a trailer that celebrates the launch of the PlayStation 4. The video features Street Fighter’s Ryu as a New York cabbie who drives the player around a world filled with other gamers and video game characters. Check it out below:

Interestingly, the launch video prominently features Sony’s Drive Club, a racing game, and Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, an open-world title, despite that Sony and Ubisoft both delayed their respective titles into 2014.

Other featured games include platformer Knack, action title Infamous: Second Son, and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Killzone and Knack are both due out at midnight. Infamous is coming in February.

If you’re out in the cold right now reading this, here’s a little Rod to warm you up:

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