Jon Koller has been preparing for the launch of the PlayStation 4 for a long time. The vice president of marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America is at the Standard High Line Hotel in New York City, where the company is launching the PS4 at the stroke of midnight tonight.

Koller said the company has tried to stay on message about how it made the PS4 for gamers, with 26 titles available at launch to satisfy just about everyone. Koller said Sony rented out the whole hotel, which looks a lot like a PlayStation 4. Festivities around the event include a giant light-based arcade game display and a bunch of PS4 demo units for players who are waiting in line.

Others in attendance include Sony’s U.S. game boss Jack Tretton and Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide chief Andrew House.

Here’s our video interview with Koller below.

Sony’s John Koller on the PlayStation 4 launch from VentureBeat on Vimeo.