While Sony is unleashing its PlayStation 4 on gamers at midnight tonight, Microsoft is preparing to launch the Xbox One next week.

In the lead up to the Xbox One’s debut, Microsoft is releasing more clips of its next-gen console in action. That includes a new Instagram video from Xbox evangelist Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb that shows how quickly the Xbox One can boot up.

In the video, Hyrb says “Xbox On” to an Xbox One that is effectively shut off (the system remains in a hibernation state). After giving that command, it takes the system less than 15 seconds to bring up the Xbox home screen — yes, I got out my stopwatch to verify this.

Watch it in the video below:

Both Sony and Microsoft are emphasizing the speed and convenience of their next-gen devices. They know that both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 interfaces are sluggish compared to other modern hardware, and gamers are expecting a lot out of the new gaming boxes.

PlayStation 4 launches at midnight tonight for $400. Microsoft’s Xbox One hits at midnight on Nov. 22 for $500.