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Yahoo Japan is about to know a lot more about you.

Advertising software firm BrightTag today announced an expanded partnership with Yahoo Japan, which just led a $27 million investment in the company. This latest round brings the total investment in the Chicago-based company to $50 million.

Yahoo Japan plans to launch a real-time data management platform (DMP) in spring 2014 powered by BrightTag technology. Yahoo’s DMP will enable the company to collect customer activity data across websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms. It’ll use the gathered info to create targeted marketing campaigns for thousands of consumer brands.

While every major ad tech company is working to help marketers take advantage of their data, noted BrightTag, the company thinks its technology stands out from the pack by enabling data collection across multiple platforms in real time.

“The biggest gap that we see is the ability to move data between display, mobile, search, social and customer messaging platforms — and doing so in real-time so that you can impact customer behavior immediately,” BrightTag’s founder Marc Kiven told VentureBeat. “We have built more integrations than anyone to make this happen.”

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Yahoo Japan reaches 84 percent of Japan’s Internet users monthly, according to the company.

Four year-old BrightTag currently employs about 80 people — though it’s about to hire a lot more. The company plans to use the new capital to expand its sales efforts and accelerate the development of its patented technology.

All current BrightTag investors participated in the $27 million round, including Baird Capital, EPIC Ventures, I2A, Pritzker Group Venture Capital, and TomorrowVentures.

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