Fighting in the digital streets will commence this April in Japan.

Publisher Capcom revealed today on its community blog that Ultra Street Fighter IV is heading to Japanese arcades in the spring. The company also confirmed that the game will hit digital-download services in North America and Europe “soon after.”

How soon after? Well, Capcom also assured fans that it would debut before the next EVO fighting-game championship tournament. EVO 2014 is set to begin July 11, so that means the fighting-game community can expect Ultra Street Fighter IV sometime between April and July.

“We’ve been working hard to ensure that this is indeed the most openly [fan-influenced] version of Street Fighter yet,” Capcom community representative Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas wrote in a blog. “Just on [the Capcom Unity blog] alone, there were well over 20,000 comments that we had to go through to make sure that the most beneficial changes [to Street Fighter] made it in, while also pleasing the fans. That takes work, people.”

Those changes include new mechanics like Red Focus and Ultra Combo Double, but it also includes new modes. Capcom is also adding four new characters.

The new characters are Elena, Rolento, Hugo, and Poison. Each one was most recently in Street Fighter X Tekken. While that is a modern Capcom fighting game, the publisher noted that it can’t just port over those characters to Ultra Street Fighter IV because the rules of both games are so different.

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