The Xbox One can’t broadcast live gameplay at launch, but it will have a Twitch app.

The livestreaming service on Microsoft’s next-gen console is all about viewing broadcasts right now, and Microsoft notes that — unlike PlayStation 4 — gamers can watch any Twitch stream they want on Xbox One. Currently, Sony only feeds other PS4 streams on its system.

Twitch on Xbox One requires the Xbox Live Gold premium service. That subscription will enable players to tune into Twitch whenever they want. They can even unlock achievements for watching for a certain length or at a key time.

Gamers can even watch Twitch on Xbox One while playing a game on the system. Using the console’s Snap feature, gamers can pin the Twitch app to the side and let it continue streaming while they play something else on the rest of the screen.

Twitch demonstrates the achievements and Snap features in the video below. Check it out: