Clash of Clans developer Supercell is already making a ton of money on iOS, so it was no surprise when the studio finally released its popular title for Android in October.

Also unsurprising is that this strategy game is finding success on Google’s mobile operating system, according to mobile-tracking firm App Annie. After only just a month on the chart, Clash of Clans is already in Google Play’s top-10 highest-grossing apps.

Clash of Clans is only Supercell’s first foray into Android gaming. Even while the game is performing well, Supercell has a ways to go to catch powerhouses like King, Electronic Arts, and GungHo Online (which owns a stake in Supercell) in terms of highest-grossing publishers.

A big part of success on mobile is discovery and user acquisition. Many studios use their popular titles to push players to their next game. Supercell only has the one title on Android, which means it’ll have to spend more to get in-game advertising in other popular apps. Clash of Clans did not make the top-10 most-d0wnloaded titles on Google Play.

For the month of October, Clash of Clans maintained its spot as the top-grossing iOS app. It debuted at No. 9 on Google Play. GungHo’s Puzzle & Dragons is still tops on Android.