Welcome to Instagram, Windows Phone owners. We can’t wait to see what your dessert looks like today.

The photo-sharing app launched on Windows Phone today, a smartphone that Instagram describes as having “tens of millions” of customers, even though it lags well behind its iOS and Android counterparts.

Instagram says it wanted to “make Instagram available to people with Windows Phones as quickly as possible,” so the app, as it stands, only has the basic features, with more to come.

This is a little weird given that the company, which is now a part of Facebook, released an Android version over a year ago. It’s seemingly had plenty of time to focus on building for another platform. That said, Instagram rightfully could have been waiting to see how Windows Phone would do in the market and may even still be waiting to see how the app is received before fleshing it out with all the features available to Android and iOS.

Currently, 150 million people are on Instagram, 30 million of which signed up after the Android launch, and undoubtedly that number has grown.

While we joke about people taking pictures of their food (which they really, really do), Instagram has become a legitimate place to show off your photography skills on both of its existing platforms. Some people have even created successful businesses around the app, which should be an exciting prospect for Windows Phone users.

No pressure, of course. We’ll settle for pics and videos of your bunnies eating grass any day. Seriously, how cute are those things.