Browser security company Quarri received $2.35 million dollars today, sticking behind the idea that the browser is one of the weakest points in a company’s system.

The Austin, Texas-based company has three different browser protecting products: Quarri Perimeter Shiled, Quarri Data Safe, and Quarri Amored Browser. The three together are intended to keep your browser safe from attempts to hack in through vulnerabilities and keeps, “careless insiders from replicating sensitive information.”

These are aimed at enterprises, which have a lot to lose if someone comes in and tampers with their data.

The funding, Quarri’s first, was led by Wild Basin with participation from the Texas Halo Fund, Daylight Partners, and unnamed existing investors. Quarri hopes to finish out its round at $3 million in the next 90 days. It plans to use this funding to build out its product and expand internationally with a bigger sales team.