Friday’s funding was fulled with some really important industries that are truly being transformed by tech: health care and education.

Coursera, a company that provides massive open online courses to anyone in the world received an extra $20 million in funding for its second round. And Genophen, a healthcare company that will study your behaviors, environment, and genes to figure out what diseases you might develop, got $2 million in its third round.

We get the warm and fuzzies over here when we hear about companies trying to tackle the “big” problems getting support. Now let’s just hope they use the money wisely.

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Online education startup Coursera nabs $20M more and lures two key Netflix vets

Online education startup Coursera just raised an additional $20 million in funding, bringing its mammoth series B round to $63 million. Coursera was founded by Stanford University professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng. It has succeeded in becoming one of the most well known of the massive open online course providers, dubbed “MOOCs.” The additional funding was raised from three partner universities that offer courses on Coursera (these institutions have not been announced), GSV Capital and Learn Capital. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Alpine Data Labs gets $16M to ensure companies ‘won’t fail’ with big data analytics

The latest startup to capitalize on the big data trend is Alpine Data Labs, a San Francisco-based company that just raised $16 million in venture funding. The company says it provides advanced analytics for big data and Hadoop to large enterprise customers like Sony, Nike, and Barclays. Alpine raised its funding from Sierra Ventures, Mission Ventures, UMC Capital, and Robert Bosch Venture Capital. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Irish wearable tech company Active Mind gets $7.8M

Wearable tech company Active Mind Technology has raised just over $7.8 million, according to an SEC filing we spotted this afternoon. Active Mind is a maker of wearable technology that got its start in Galway, Ireland, and moved to the U.S. in 2011. The company’s first consumer product is called GAME GOLF, which is designed to track and display your golf game. The source of the funding has not yet been disclosed.

Shopping service Sift comes to iPhone, riding high on $2M seed round

Online shopping startup Sift, which just closed a $2 million seed round, simultaneously snubs and relies on retail marketing emails. The company’s iOS app sifts through the glut of daily marketing emails clogging your inbox and transforms that into a personalized storefront. Additional investors Sift include Tandem Capital, Social Internet Fund, FuturePerfect Ventures, Gray Corp, Unity Ventures, Sandhill Angels, and others. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

This company predicts what diseases you’ll get and helps you prevent them

Genophen wants to tell you what diseases you might get before you ever get them. Today it received $2 million in its third round of funding, according to a filing with Securities and Exchange Commission. The company creates software that can look at a range of details within your lifestyle and genetics that may predispose you to certain diseases and sicknesses. Investors listed on the filing include Babak Yazdani, Kazutaka Ohno, and Farzad Naimi. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

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