Today’s funding deal news has slowed to a trickle of its former self. Everyone’s ramping down for vacations, turkey, and the utter misery of dealing with relatives.

I mean, we all love our families. Most of us, anyhow, to at least some extent. But three days or so of hardcore family time after a 9-month absence is usually enough to remind us why we moved to the Big City in the first place.

Me, I’m stayin’ at home in my big-city house and cooking a huge-ass dinner for, like, 12 people. It could be 18, depending on who shows up. I’ve got a 17-pound bird thawing in the fridge, and I’m strongly leaning toward getting a ham, as well.

But the real question is, what do I name the turkey?* I’ll take your suggestions in the comments.

*I had a crab dinner for nine people last week, and I named every single one of those Dungeness motherflappers as they were being lowered into the pot to their steamy deaths. It’s a thing I have, I guess.

Flipboard scoops up $50M

Digital magazine app Flipboard might be raising slightly more than the $50 million funding amount we first heard rumors of back in September. Apparently the startup is in the process of closing another $50 million in funding as a continuation to the initial $50 million, according to a Fortune report that cites unnamed sources familiar with the deal. The initial $50 million funding rumor put Flipboard’s valuation at around $800,000, according to previous reports. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Kingsoft gets $50M

Kingsoft Office Software, a big player in China, is expanding into U.S. territory with a Palo Alto, Calif. office and a sweet $50 million warchest. The company’s goods are compatible with Microsoft Office and also play nicely with mobile operating systems. Read the full story on AllThingsD.

Wickr hunts down $7.4

To defend your privacy in a time when the “Internet is forever,” Wickr has put together an adivsory board of security professionals to guide that fight for data control. But in the midst of this, the company also redesigned its app today and took on funding from Gilman Louie, the founder of secretive CIA-run venture firm In-Q-Tel. Wickr promises to “leave no trace” when it comes to your communications. It encrypts your messages — including text, photos, and audio – and does not keep a key to decrypt it. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

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