Navigating through highly trafficked airports and train stations can be more difficult if you don’t know the native language.

Fortunately, Google is rolling out its Google Maps “Street View” navigation feature for 50 major train stations and 16 airports around the world. (Check out this interactive map for all the locations added.) That means you’re essentially getting an eye-level map of the entire facility, which should make getting to your destinations that much easier.

The new street view airport/train station maps is a nice addition from Google and one that should prove very useful with all the traveling people tend to do during the holiday season, which kicks off this week.

In a blog post announcing the new street view functionality, Google indicates that this is a “first effort,” meaning more street view locations should be coming in the near future.

This isn’t the first time Google has added the street view feature to a location. The company has previously added it to a number of exotic locations, including popular mountains, Galapagos Islands, and more.