The world’s first Bluetooth gramophone is real, and its makers need your help to fund it.

Gramovox has launched a Kickstater for the Gramovox Gramophone, a nostalgia-shape Bluetooth speaker that it first announced earlier this year. Standing at just over nineteen inches tall, the $250 gramophone was inspired by the Magnavox R3 Horn of the 1920s. It’s a unique, if somewhat bizarre, fusing of the old and new that’s worth it just for all the house party conversations its bound to start.


Above: The Gramovox Gramophone’s base (which features a 3D printed plate!) will come in two colors.

But while it’s novel, the Gramovox Gramophone is far from a novelty. Judging solely by its materials, it’s clear that Gramovox is intent on making the device a premium product, not a throwaway hunk of plastic. For one, the final forms of its horn will be made of steel and brass, materials most consumers never thought they’d see in a speaker. Same goes for the device’s wood base, which is sleek, minimal, and juxtaposes well with the curves of the horn.

All of this, Gramovox says, combines to create “an organically mid-range, vintage sound.”

If this sounds like the type of thing you’d like to throw your money at, Gramovox would certainly be interested. The company is looking to raise $100,000 for its device, which it aims to ship to US backers by next May.