Fashionistas rejoice — Keep is making Instagram shoppable.

E-commerce startup Keep released a new feature called “As Seen on Instagram” today that pulls some of the hottest fashion images off Instagram and directs you where to buy the clothes.

“Our job is to find cool stuff that is trending, and it dawned on us that there is this vast fashion experience on Instagram but you can’t click outside of the ecosystem,” said CEO Scott Kurnit in an interview.”If you see something you like, there is no further information on where to get it or easy way to buy it. We want to make those images actionable.”

Keep powers an online community where people can discover, store, share things they want to buy, view collections from tastemakers, and look at “trending” and “featured” items. The goal is to recreate that experience of browsing a trendy boutique, while also offering the utility of organizing desired items.

Kurnit was a cofounder and went on to found Keep three years ago. Umbrella company Keep Holdings includes TheSwizzle (a way to manage email offers), and Kurnit said they are unified by a single goal — to put consumers in control of marketing.

There are billions of products for sale on the Internet and many different approaches to organizing it. The latest e-commerce trend is social e-commerce, which uses crowdsourcing, social data and networking features to surface products that are relevant. Wanelo, Fab, and the Fancy are other well-known examples of this approach.

While not explicitly a fashion site, Instagram is filled with fashion selfies and street style snapshots. Celebrities, fashion bloggers, designers, and style magazines regularly use Instagram as a place to show off their latest ensembles. The network’s fashion community is strong, but you can’t just click on a photo to find out who makes a particular item is or where its sold.

This is where Keep steps in. The company finds fashion photos that are trending on Instagram, hunts down price and product information, and posts them onto the site.

It also released a “price drop alert” feature where the system will ping you when an item you “kept” is on sale.

Keep currently features 300,000 items on the site and has nearly 200,000 different collections. As part of “research” for this article, I spend a while browsing through Keep’s site, and it is a great way to find things you didn’t even know you wanted (albeit dangerous for your wallet.

Keep Holdings is backed by $43 million in venture capital.