TheĀ  is heading to the 3DS in December, and Nintendo is making some changes to its social network to ensure that it is ready to fully support the portable and the influx of new users.

These tweaks include some minor interface changes to improve theĀ user experience, according to a post on the Miiverse announcements page.

With the addition of the 3DS to Miiverse, Nintendo is planning to add a bunch of new communities to represent its portable games. To help keep things organized, the publisher made some changes to how people navigate the network. For example, players can now see a more extensive list of communities at one time. The newest Miiverse hangouts will appear at the top of the list. Both of these changes should help gamers quickly find the game community they are looking for.

Within a community, Nintendo changed the default setting so that gamers will only see posts by people who have played the game. Previously, the system displayed the newest post from any user.

Nintendo introduced the Miiverse on its Wii U console when it came out in November 2012. It is a connected online infrastructure made up of communities based on different games. Players can write or draw posts and share them with other Wii U owners. Miiverse integration even digs into games. Gamers can leave Miiverse posts for each other within levels of titles like Super Mario 3D World. It makes the games feel more alive and connected with a wider game-playing community.

The 3DS version of Miiverse will work with the Wii U. Players will need a Nintendo Network ID, which they should already have if they’re using Miiverse on Wii U.