Amazon would like you to buy a Kindle Fire this holiday season, and it isn’t afraid to bad-mouth the other guys to make that happen.

Such is the case with Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire HDX commercial, which pokes fun at Apple’s new iPad Air as you can see from the video embedded below.

Amazon quickly pointed out that, compared to the iPad Air, the Kindle Fire has a million more pixels packed into its display, weighs 20 percent less, and is $120 cheaper.

But it wasn’t enough to just rag on the competition; Amazon went after the guy who designed the iPad Air as well. Jony Ive isn’t shown in the commercial, but he is represented via the man talking up the iPad since they share Ive’s accent.

Still, when you place this commercial ridiculing Apple on the grand scale, it comes nowhere close to the one Microsoft did that parodied the dearly departed Steve Jobs.