Sadly, few of us mobile warriors need classes in douchebaggery.

However, Google Glass has the potential to take our unintentional, distracted annoyingness to a totally new level. Like googling “diarrhea remedies” out loud in shopping mall. Or talking to people, but not really to people, if you get what I mean.

Enter Bluetooth Man, Google Glass Edition, stage left:

Comedian Ed Bassmaster teamed up with PRserve’s Chris Barrett to record how talking to your glasses just might be a little awkward, strange, and even creepy. Apparently, he agrees with our own Jolie O’Dell, who reviewed the device and found it isolating and dehumanizing, and others who find it annoying.

Realistically, of course, no one would ever use their Google Glass in such a patently offensive way — I hope. And with the bone conduction microphone, there is absolutely no need to shout out your queries and commands. The same douchebaggery is completely in evidence with anyone using a Bluetooth headset for their phone carelessly.

And, I’m certain, anyone with discretion can use Google Glass politely and privately.

Bassmaster has almost 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and makes a living doing odd, quirky videos on YouTube, although he’s currently also pitching his own TV show.

No word on whether the TV show involves Google Glass.

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