Samsung may soon include an impressive new camera in its flagship mobile devices.

The Korean electronics giant is currently developing a 20-megapixel mobile camera, according to an ET News report that cites industry sources familiar with the company’s plans. Samsung aims to bundle the camera inside mobile devices in the second half of 2014, reports the Korean news publication. Apparently, Samsung plans to make 20-megapixel smartphone cameras the “standard” for its flagship devices in 2015.

If the report is accurate — it seems highly plausible, but ET News has a spotty record with Samsung news — Samsung will likely bundle the camera inside upcoming Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices. It probably won’t be ready in time for the launch of the Galaxy S5, however, which is rumored to include a 16-megapixel camera.

Device makers from Apple and HTC to LG and Nokia tout their smartphone camera technology as a major market differentiator. Nokia is the current front runner in crazily advanced mobile camera tech: Its Lumia 1020 smartphone boasts an impressive 41-megapixel camera sensor.

But most consumers don’t really care about device makers’ race to make the best mobile camera, according to Carolina Milanesi, a consumer devices analyst at Gartner.

“Consumers appreciate a good camera, but according to our survey research among 22,000 consumers across the world, cameras are not a deciding factor when picking a phone,” she told VentureBeat in an email. Nevertheless, “with Nokia and Sony pushing more into the higher pixel count, I am sure Samsung feels that they need to keep up.”

We reached out to a Samsung representative for more information on the company’s mobile camera tech. She declined to comment on “rumors and speculation.”