If you haven’t bought your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 by now, you’re probably going to have a pretty tough time finding one through the holidays.

Microsoft acknowledged that it’s selling out of every Xbox One that it ships to stores in a blog post on Xbox’s website. Citing “unprecedented demand,” Microsoft says that it’s working continuously with retailers to help restock inventory.

“The team is working hard to meet consumer demand, and we are delivering consoles to retailers as fast as possible this holiday season,” reads the blog. “As more and more people are looking to join the fun, it has become increasingly more challenging to find Xbox One in stores.”

To help gamers find an Xbox One, Xbox evangelist Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb posted some tips about how to find the next-gen console (although these tips could also help you find a PlayStation 4).

Hyrb’s tips include signing up for e-mail newsletters and alerts from retailers as well as following them on social networks. He also suggests that you call around and ask retailers which days they get new stock in and to check in with those stores on those days. You should also check with retailers in less-populated areas.

Major Nelson also points to online store checkers that might help you quickly find a store near you that carries the console. Some websites, like XboxOneLocator.com and NowInStock.com, track stock across a number of online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

And look! Xbox One is in stock at Amazon right now, as is PlayStation 4!

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