Hey, you, shouting into your phone about last night’s drunken escapades: Please stop. Everyone else is trying to work — and we are annoyed.

A new survey from enterprise social network maker Jive Software reveals that 87 percent of U.S. employees are annoyed by their coworkers’ mobile phone behavior, with 65 percent citing loud, private conversations in the workplace as the number one offender. Colleagues’ failure to turn off or silence their cell phones is listed as the next most obnoxious behavior, bothering 59 percent of respondents, followed by people’s incessant need to check their phones during in-person conversations, which irritates 52 percent.

But in a strange, hilarious twist, only 25 percent of people said they have an adverse reaction to coworkers who take “selfies” at work. (Just don’t send them to me, please.)

Harris Interactive conducted the survey of 2,010 adults on Jive’s behalf in early November. Check out the infographic below for more on their findings.

Jive mobile behavior infographic