Nintendo is teaming up with Target and Toys ‘R’ Us to deliver a December surprise.

The publisher revealed that it will unleash a new 2DS bundle that will include either Pokémon X or Pokémon Y. Toys ‘R’ Us and Target will begin selling the system-and-game combo Friday for $150. That’s only $20 more than the 2DS on its own, which typically retails for $130. Pokémon X and Y are $40 games, which means this bundle will save gamers (and holiday-shopping parents of gamers) $20 compared to purchasing the system and game separately.

Target will carry a red 2DS preloaded with Pokémon X, while Toys ‘R’ Us will have the blue 2DS preloaded with Pokémon Y.

The 2DS is a 2D-only version of Nintendo’s popular 3DS handheld. Nintendo designed the device with younger kids in mind. The 3D-capable 3DS systems came with a warning that children under 8 should limit their playtime due to the unknown effects that the 3D could have on their eyesight. The 2DS doesn’t need that disclaimer.

Nintendo’s 2DS also doesn’t come with a hinge, which also makes it more sturdy for destruction-prone children.

Now, by bundling the handheld with one of the most popular game among children, the 2DS should have a strong holiday season.

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