Vendor lock-in is a major concern for enterprises, which may want to migrate from SAP to Oracle or use several software solutions simultaneously.

KidoZen thinks those systems should play nice with each other — and it just raised $5 million from Third Point Ventures to make that happen in the mobile space.

Founded in December 2011, the fast-growing Miami-based startup makes mobile app development software for enterprises that integrates with major business software systems. But unlike solutions from major industry incumbents like SAP or IBM, which have a vested interest in keeping enterprises inside their closed ecosystems, KidoZen’s platform-as-a-service offers 14 mobile software development kits that span many popular enterprise data systems.

Functionally, that means enterprises could write a custom CRM app that taps into both Salesforce and Dynamics CRM data — or they could switch their app from one system to the other with minimal friction.

“We don’t say, ‘Hey, Mr. Customer, you need to develop here on my platform,'” said Jesus Rodriguez, KidoZen’s cofounder and CEO, in an interview with VentureBeat. “We should be past that as an industry.”

KidoZen works most popular enterprise data systems

Above: KidoZen works with many popular enterprise data systems.

KidoZen emerged from private beta in February, but it already has great traction: It’s about to hit $5 million in revenue from its 67 “Global 1,000” customers, according to Rodriguez. Its clients span all sorts of industries — from banks and retail vendors to major tech firms like Citrix — but the health care vertical is a major focus for the company.

KidoZen’s HIPAA- and PHI-compliant offering has already snagged major health industry customers like UnitedHealthcare. Some of them have built mobile interfaces for accessing electronic medical records, but others are using the platform in less expected ways — employing gamification techniques to motivate their staff to be more responsive to patients, for example.

“The things that some of our clients are doing are solutions I never thought could exist in the market — not that KidoZen is a key requirement for those solutions, but it’s a great solution and facilitator,” said Rodriguez.

Over the coming months, KidoZen plans to use its newly raised capital to expand its business development and sales teams and roll out several new products. The company currently has 19 employees — but expect that figure to rise soon.

“We think that this funding is going to allow us to accelerate at a very rapid pace,” said Rodriguez.