Telltale Games has a surprise for all of us that it’s delivering just in time for Christmas: Zombies!

The second season of The Walking Dead, slyly titled The Walking Dead: Season Two, may officially unlock on Dec. 17, according to the Steam digital-distribution service (as spotted by IGN). Around that Tuesday, the game will likely also go on sale on iOS, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network.

Steam is selling the entire second season for $25 now, although The Walking Dead: Season Two is currently on sale for 10 percent off. That brings it to $23.50 for a limited time.

The adventure game follows Clementine, a young girl, as she attempts to survive a world overrun with the undead. The story will force her into tough situations where the players will have to face down tough moral dilemmas.

The Walking Dead: Season Two continues the story that began in the first game, which debuted in 2012 (and was GamesBeat’s game of the year). Decisions that players made in that the first season will carry over to this season.

The Walking Dead is an adaptation of the comic series of the same name. The popular franchise also spawned a top-rated television show and other PC, console, and mobile games.