Remedy Entertainment’s new Xbox One game is coming together. The studio showed off more of the action title during the VGX online show today.

Remedy boss Sam Lake explained that the title will feature many time-bending gameplay elements where the player can manipulate the fourth dimension. This isn’t new for Remedy, which first played with time in its action shooter Max Payne, where players could slow the world down to dodge bullets or aim fire.

The studio still didn’t show much gameplay from Quantum Break although Remedy promised it’ll reveal more of the game in action soon.

Quantum Break will also accompany a television show that takes place in the same world. Remedy claims that how you play the game will impact the TV program Quantum Break.

“he show and game come together in something the studio is calling ‘junction moments. In these sections, players actually get to play as the antagonist. During these junction points, players can make major choices that affect the show. Outside of these junction points, the game and show are linear.

Remedy is best known for the Alan Wake and Max Payne franchises. In 2001, the studio released the action shooter Max Payne for PC. In 2010, psychological-horror title Alan Wake debuted on Xbox 360.