Confirming rumors, Telltale Games just revealed that it will be making an episodic series of titles based on the Game of Thrones television show.

Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner of Telltale Games

Above: Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner of Telltale Games.

Image Credit: Telltale/VGX

Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner, the co-founders of Telltale and the makers of the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead adventure-game series, announced they have begun working on a Game of Thrones project that will debut in 2014. It will be similar to The Walking Dead in that it will have a number of episodes. Connors and Bruner said they will listen to feedback from fans and modify it as necessary.

They said they were only beginning to work on the storyline and determining which character (of the many in the franchise) to use to tell the story in the right way.

“Our games are all about consequence,” Connors said.

The TV show follows the George R. R. Martin book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, but the game series will focus on the HBO television show.

The announcement happened at the Spike TV VGX awards. Joel McHale and Geoff Keighley hosted the show. McHale said that Telltale will have to watch out for the reaction of “psychotic fans.” But Bruner said that fan feedback is always very useful to Telltale, which has its own share of psychotic fans who will be making the game.

Telltale is also working on a new episodic series based on free-roaming first-person-shooter Borderlands, dubbed Tales from the Borderlands.