Developer DICE is wholly focused on bringing an end to Battlefield 4’s technical woes. The studio promised fans last week that it would cease production on future downloadable content and other projects until it got the modern-military shooter working correctly on all platforms. Battlefield 4 is currently suffering from crashing and connection issues.

To address those problems, DICE is planning to release a patch for the PC version of Battlefield 4 today. This update includes many technical fixes as well as a few gameplay adjustments.

Battlefield 4 fans on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 are still awaiting additional updates to improve their experience.

Today’s PC patch includes the following:

  • Fixed animation desync that caused players to get shot when changing stance behind cover.
  • Increased the height of the camera in crouch mode to more accurately reflect how much of the character is in view.
  • Fixed a common bug that caused the client to crash.
  • Additional stability fixes to the client.
  • Fixed collision detection that caused grenades to bounce off of open doors.
  • Fixed bug that enabled defenders to unfairly win in Defuse mode.
  • Fixed jitter when aiming a side gun on attack boats and transport helicopters.
  • Fixed framerate drops when players fire at some huge destructible buildings.
  • Fixed aiming for passengers on China Rising dirt bike.
  • Fixed sound bug when capturing a flag.
  • Fixed a save bug that caused file corruption.

This update is in addition to the patch DICE released last week to address a bug that caused one-hit kills. Prior to that, DICE released some fixes at the end of November that didn’t make things a whole lot better. The hope is that this update will take.

Battlefield 4 is one of the biggest games of the year for publisher Electronic Arts. The title debuted in late October to praise from critics. Weeks later, it was clear that the game had major game-breaking issues that on every platform.

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