Cartoon Network is preparing to unleash its latest mobile game based on the hit show Adventure Time on Thursday.

Ride the slopes on your but in Ski Safari: Adventure Time for iOS and Android.

Above: Ride the slopes on your but in Ski Safari: Adventure Time for iOS and Android.

Image Credit: Cartoon Network

Ski Safari: Adventure Time puts players in control of the show’s heroes, Finn and Jake (among others), as they attempt to evade the evil Ice King by skiing down a mountain. As fans of the show would expect, Finn doesn’t need skis, he slides down the slopes on his butt and with the help of his friends.

The mobile game debuts on the iOS App Store as well as Google’s Play Market. Kindle Fire owners, meanwhile, can find it on Amazon’s Appstore on Thursday as well.

Ski Safari: Adventure Time will have players skiing across different settings from the show. Players can also unlock costumes for Finn. The point of the game is to rack up as high of a score as possible by performing flips and riding on different characters’ backs.

As the title suggests, Ski Safari: Adventure Time developer Defiant based this adaptation on its Ski Safari mobile release. That game has a character skiing down a mountain to escape an oncoming avalanche.

“We on the team are huge fans, so we know what it takes to make something feel genuinely Adventure Time,” Defiant creative director Morgan Jaffit told GamesBeat in an interview in November. “We really held ourselves up to a high standard mainly because we know that the audience is going to be even more demanding. With everything we worked on we asked ourselves: ‘Is this good enough for Adventure Time?  Is this good enough for Ski Safari?’ And if the answer to both questions wasn’t ‘Yes,’ it didn’t go in.”