The Miiverse isn’t just for the Wii U anymore.

Nintendo released an update for its 3DS portable today that adds a handful of new features. The handheld will now have access to Nintendo’s Miiverse social network. This means 3DS players can now share thoughts and comment on messages in 3DS-related game communities.

Miiverse on 3DS works like the web browser or friends app, which means that players can bring it up in the background without having to close the game they are playing. This enables gamers to jump from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds to the Miiverse community for the game. Players can even share images directly from the 3DS games themselves.

The web-based now also has 3DS game communities, but you can’t access Wii U communities from the 3DS (or vice versa).

The Miiverse on 3DS does have a few limitations. Gamers can’t use the 3DS version of the network to send friend requests or messages to one another. Players can follow each other to keep up with posts, but that’s it. 3DS Miiverse gamers are also not allowed to use the service to exchange their 3DS Friend Codes, which is the unique number that identifies the system for online multiplayer.

“[This is]┬áin order to prevent any trouble that could be caused by friending complete strangers,” reads a Miiverse announcement from Nintendo. “Please be careful and talk to your parent or guardian if you’re not sure what this means.”

The 3DS update also enables gamers to unify their Nintendo Network ID accounts across Wii U and 3DS. If you add money to your eShop account on Wii U, you can now use that to buy things on 3DS as well.

To get the update, your 3DS or 2DS system should prompt you to begin the installation process when you turn it on today. If it doesn’t, then open your settings and click on System Updates. The update takes about 10 minutes.

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