Eye-Fi is announcing today that its Mobi wireless networking photo storage cards can transfer photos directly to a Wi-Fi-enabled desktop.

“Our customers love the ability to snap great pictures on a camera and instantly share from a phone or tablet, and now we’re taking that experience one step further,” said Matt DiMaria, chief executive of Eye-Fi. “Now we’re adding a simple, instant way to transfer to the desktop and make it easy for customers to get their photos on their computers to edit and archive.”

Eye-Fi is unveiling a beta version of the Windows desktop receiver for its Mobi cards. The receiver is a downloadable piece of software that you install on the desktop.

The receiver will be free during the beta period for all customers. Mobi users will now have the option to transfer to mobile for on-the-go sharing or to the desktop for great archiving and editing ability. They can do so without any wires.

After you install the Eye-Fi desktop receiver, you enter a Mobi card’s unique 10-digit activation code. That will pair the computer and your Mobi card, which has built-in wireless networking so it can transfer images on the fly. Mobi transfers photos from a camera to the intended PC or mobile device whenever new content is detected. You can back up your Mobi card automatically, so if anything happens to the camera, the content is already safe.

Pricing for the final product is to be determined and a Mac version is coming.

Eye-Fi was founded in 2005. Its investors include NTT DoCoMo, Opus Capital, Shasta Ventures, and TransLink Capital.